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Back into Routine; Day 28

I’m getting back into my routine after a long weekend away and playing catch up yesterday.  It’s been an easy day to stay positive, and I’ve found my positive 3 easy today;

  1. I got to see a bunch of old workmates today.  It’s always nice to catch up with everyone and see what they’re getting up to.
  2. I’ve finished spinning up my latest braid.  It got a little thick-and-thin towards the end, but it should even out with plying.  All going well, I hope to ply tomorrow.
  3. We had a morning tea at work today and – while I’d decided to be far better behaved this week – I got my grabby hands on a beautiful (and tasty!) cupcake.  It makes me want to bake more.


Now, as the night winds down and I’m about to get ready for bed, I’m working on a few rows of my sadly neglected Flax jumper for a friend’s son.

It’s been a good day.

It’s a Go!

It’s been a little while in the making, but the day is here; I have an Etsy store!

Rather than complain about my plot in life, I’m seeking to change it.  With positivity, colour, and constructive action.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you:

Phancee Yarn.
Yarn with a love story.


No positive 3 today, because this just takes the cake.

There’ll be some changes here on the blog over the next week or so, as this will be the new home of Phancee Yarn.

Watch this space!
I’m really excited.

Turning it Around; Day 23

I could easily sit and dwell on the bad stuff.  Marinate in self-pity.  Continue to be angry at those that hurt me and hate those that took my ability to choose away.  To forgive and forget is easier said than done, but dwelling won’t fix anything.

So here we are at the very core of the idea behind my daily Positive 3; constructive, positive focus…

  1. I am a highly skilled woman with so many opportunities available to me in life.  I should not underestimate myself.
  2. I did more spinning tonight and I can see that I’ve made so much progress this year.  I’ve come from complete and utter novice to beginner!  Here’s to becoming a self-declared ‘experienced beginner’ soon!
  3. I’m excited for my trip to see friends this weekend.  A girls weekend is exactly what the doctor ordered 😉

A Day with Skids; Anti-Day 22

Today was going alright.  Pretty well even, then;

  • I realised that basically have no hang-out kind of friends in the city I live in;
  • So I binged on McDonalds for dinner while reading the 12 page victim statement of a woman who was sexually assaulted  on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto (really well written, and I think everyone should read it – man or woman); and
  • I left my favourite beanie behind in McDonalds and it wasn’t there when I went back for it a whopping 5 minutes later.

Not a good evening.  And I’ve already used today’s bullet points on bad stuff.  Pity.

Spin Me Right ‘Round; Day 21

I like the number 21.  It’s not only my birthday, but it’s divisible by 3 and by 7 and it’s not an even number.  Don’t try and tell me that’s weird – it’s perfectly logical thank you very much.

Today was a busy day at work.  Not stressful, frantic busy – just full, working lunch kind of busy.  I like those days, though I wish I had actually accomplished more.

This evening has been a crafty one and that makes me pretty happy.

Two of my top 3 points from today are fibre related;

  1. I’m making great progress on my brother’s beanie.  He requested one and needs it for warmth so I’m knitting it with a NZ possum / nylon blend.  Very warm, even if the colour blends in seamlessly with my blue/gray couch.
    Pattern is my own – it’s just a simple garter rib.  I don’t think I’ll release it as a pattern but I’ll have a look on Ravelry and if there isn’t a similar one I might write up a recipe and release it for free…
  2. I pulled out my electronic spinning wheel (Ashford e-Spinner, if you’re curious) and spun up some of the 100% merino roving I dyed up a little while ago.
    I’m very much a novice spinner and the consistency of my singles leaves a lot to be desired, but I think tonight’s efforts went well.  They’re also the thinnest I’ve spun to date, so I’m hoping they’ll make a useable fingering/sport weight three ply (I plan to chain ply).
  3. An exciting piece of life admin; I’ve set up Skype on my laptop so that I can video call with The Boyfriend without having to worry about propping up my phone.  This is great news, even if only in my head.  Funnily enough, that’s the whole point of this list so it counts.

Tomorrow will be an equally good (or, perhaps even better?) day.  Onwards!

Daydreamer; Day 20

I spent a large part of today curled up on the couch daydreaming.  Daydreaming about the ‘what could be’.  Not the ‘what ifs’ of replaying past events with different endings.  This was all forward thinking.  Embracing possibility.

So bring on today’s 3:

  1. My future is uncertain and that is exciting.  It’s not scary.  It’s not ‘too hard’.  There’s a lot in life that’s not within my control, but my attitude and the things I try to do are.  That’s what I’m looking forward to.
  2. I made a mean lasagne today.  It wasn’t much of a looker but damn it tasted sooooo good.
  3. Caught up on Outlander today.  Love that show.  I haven’t read past the first book, though – I should really get on to that.