Knitting is Killing Me

Or, more accurately, my obsessive knitting has contributed to my current health woes.  But that’s not a snappy title, is it?


If you’d asked me a month ago, I would’ve told you that knitting saved me – it’s helped with managing my anxiety, it helps me wind down at the end of a work day, and it keeps my brain healthy by nurturing my creative side.  I would’ve sung it from the roof tops!  And it’s still true, to an extent.

The problem with knitting is that it’s a ‘bum spreader’.  You know, an activity that has you sitting for a long period of time.  Kind of like all my other hobbies.  And my job.  So; my life.

So why am I bringing this up now?

Because I haven’t respected my body, and it’s telling me enough is enough.

I used to work hard to improve my fitness, and look after my body.  I was never an athlete.  I was never an exemplar of good health.  But I tried.  And, for some reason, I stopped.

So I’m starting back up again.  Consciously.  I’m making an effort.

I’m going to be a fitter knitter.



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