Daydreamer; Day 20

I spent a large part of today curled up on the couch daydreaming.  Daydreaming about the ‘what could be’.  Not the ‘what ifs’ of replaying past events with different endings.  This was all forward thinking.  Embracing possibility.

So bring on today’s 3:

  1. My future is uncertain and that is exciting.  It’s not scary.  It’s not ‘too hard’.  There’s a lot in life that’s not within my control, but my attitude and the things I try to do are.  That’s what I’m looking forward to.
  2. I made a mean lasagne today.  It wasn’t much of a looker but damn it tasted sooooo good.
  3. Caught up on Outlander today.  Love that show.  I haven’t read past the first book, though – I should really get on to that.

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