Back into Routine; Day 28

I’m getting back into my routine after a long weekend away and playing catch up yesterday.  It’s been an easy day to stay positive, and I’ve found my positive 3 easy today;

  1. I got to see a bunch of old workmates today.  It’s always nice to catch up with everyone and see what they’re getting up to.
  2. I’ve finished spinning up my latest braid.  It got a little thick-and-thin towards the end, but it should even out with plying.  All going well, I hope to ply tomorrow.
  3. We had a morning tea at work today and – while I’d decided to be far better behaved this week – I got my grabby hands on a beautiful (and tasty!) cupcake.  It makes me want to bake more.


Now, as the night winds down and I’m about to get ready for bed, I’m working on a few rows of my sadly neglected Flax jumper for a friend’s son.

It’s been a good day.


Tough Stuff; Day 17

Yay!  Friday!  And we have three days off in a row.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I stumbled this picture on our intranet at work today and thought it would be a good one to share.  I read it and identified with a lot of the traits, and spotted a couple I’m already trying work on.

Image Today 21 02 27

What about you?  Which traits do you really identify with?  Or, really don’t identify with…?

A week and a half on from The Really Sucky Day, I think I’m coping well.  Mentally strong.  The lead up to the day was an emotional rollercoaster – the kind that makes you just want to vomit all over the ride attendant in protest.  Being left behind had some finality to it. He was not going to change his mind.  Hurtful or not, it was happening and I just had to get over it.  Move on (see the first point in the picture?  There was a point!)

So, I’m taking control of myself and embracing change.  I know I won’t be happy all the time (because I’m human), but I’m going to keep up my 3 positive observations every day and stay optimistic.

Part of that optimism is working on my career, my business, and my own personal health.  There’s more to me than my relationships and it’s important to remind myself of this often.  I find it really empowering to think that way.

I am empowered.

And on that note… today’s top 3 positives:

  1. Finding the above picture today gave me a nice mental boost in the afternoon – I have the ability to be a mentally strong person… I’m a large part of the way there, now I have to work on my consistency.  I can do that.
  2. More dyeing!  More colour!  I can’t wait to share photos of all the beautiful colours… just waiting for them to dry at this stage.
  3. The sleeves on the Professor Cardigan I’m knitting are finally done.  Not a fan of knitting sleeves, but the cardigan is looking very cute with the key structural elements now complete.  Only the shawl collar left to knit before I can do the finishing work.  Should have a FO this weekend, all going well…

Blue Hands; Day 16

Wow, have kept up these 3 positive points a day for over 2 weeks now.  Sure, I missed one – but that was planned and intentional.  I’m claiming this first fortnight a success.  Here’s to more to come!

It’s Thursday night Friday Eve, so I’m mentally preparing for the weekend.  Monday is a public holiday here (Queen’s Birthday weekend), so it’s a long weekend!  I’m hoping to get plenty of workouts, socialising and yarny goodness in there.

Today’s top 3 are what I love about weeknights:

  1. A whole lot of naked, undyed yarn that I had ordered arrived today so I spent the evening dying beautiful yarn in bright, vibrant colours.  They’re drying now and I just want to get in there and play with them!  My hands are currently blue, though.  That’s not ideal… hopefully it’ll be clear before I have to go to work tomorrow.
  2. A good snuggle-in-on-the-couch phone call with Mum.  Because a girl just needs those kinds of chats with her Mum sometimes.
  3. I’ve got tickets to this year’s World of WearableArt (WOW) show!  I’ve never been before and always hear good things about it.  I’m looking forward to checking it out and having a night of glamour and arty goodness.  Bring on October.

Advantageous; Day 14

I’m away for work tonight – staying in Auckland, working with wider team members from all over the country to problem solve some finance issues that our (and every other) business face.  It’s like an accounting nerd pilgrimage.  Just to be clear; I’m aware that this paragraph may have just lost me several (potential) readers.  I don’t care.

Today my top three are all related;

  1. It’s not every day that junior and medium level staff get to present directly to their CFO.  Today I got to and it was awesome.  The personal thank you afterwards was much an extra special touch.
  2. Cozy dinner out with a few colleagues also travelled up from Wellington for the session.  Tasty food and interesting new conversation.
  3. I’m spending the night in a nice enough hotel.  The novelty is not lost on me, and I’m already snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate and gingernut biscuits for dunking.  Something I could totally do at home, but it’s just not the same.

An honourable mention also goes to the complimentary ‘quiet mind’ room mist.  I’ve never seen this before, but apparently it’s meant to help you achieve and sound and restful sleep.  I’ll be tearing it for sure.


Literally Broken; Day 9

Today I am a broken woman.
…Physically broken…
… but I’m not letting that break me mentally.

The day started with me walking into my bedroom door, breaking my toe and crying my mascara all down my face.  BECAUSE MY LIFE CANNOT GET MORE AWESOME RIGHT NOW. 


So in a big “eff you” to the universe, I went out of my way to have a great day.   Like yesterday, finding three awesome points to remember was easy;

  1. I incorporated my own company during my lunch break.  Why you ask?  Because I’m going into business!  Specific details to come, but know that this is bringing me a lot of joy right now.  I’m really proud of myself for actually making this happen.
  2. I had a really productive day at my day job, too.  I’m an accountant by training, which some people hear and assume the work I do is boring.  Some of it is (it’s the same of all jobs!), but most of it is really interesting.  If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it.
  3. Dessert. As I type this, I am eating my way through 3/4 of a dairy free coconut cream dessert thing.  It’s wannabe ice cream.  But it was in my freezer, and ready to eat.

Wanna share?


Hump Day; Day 8

It’s Wednesday.  Hump Day.  But that doesn’t mean I let it go to waste!

My three things are easy today;

  1. I rocked a quick workout at the gym after work.  It was the first time I’ve been in a wee while so I didn’t go too hard, but the endorphins are pumping regardless!
  2. Lunch out with a friend today, catching up on gossip and talking about our feelings.  Cathartic and tasty.  The only way it could’ve been a better use of a lunch hour is if it were sunny and we were on the waterfront soaking up the rays (we weren’t.  We’re facing thunderstorms and power cuts here at the moment…)
  3. I’ve settled on the couch now with a glass of red wine, the latest episode of Outlander and the beginning of a cardigan for another friend’s son.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.


The cardigan I am making is the Professor Sweater by Rae Blackledge.  I’m knitting it in a real wools wool.  It still smells like the sheep.   The body is going to be a natural, undyed oatmeal colour, with stripes of a dark green.   Complete with the cute arm patches.

It screams out for a little red bowtie accessory… so cute!

Up and Up; Day 3

It’s Friday!!  Fridays are probably my favourite day of the week – I get to go to work and be productive, but come 5pm there are no rules.  Friday nights are full of hope and possibility – you have the whole weekend in front of you!

With that burst of enthusiasm in mind, I present to you 3 awesome things about my day:

  1.  Casual Friday at work – I got to rock my jeans and comfy cardigan.  Sure, we get casual Friday every Friday but that doesn’t make it any less great.  I don’t wear a uniform the other 4 days of my work week, but there’s something about wearing jeans on Friday that makes me smile.
  2.  I had an awesome creative solution to a very personal problem today.  I don’t want to go into detail about it yet (I will, in time!) but it feels like a win-win-win solution to a pretty stink situation and doesn’t involve any charity.  Dignity in tact!
  3. We just ordered pizza!  Because it’s Friday, and pizza is pizza.


The End.