A Day with Skids; Anti-Day 22

Today was going alright.  Pretty well even, then;

  • I realised that basically have no hang-out kind of friends in the city I live in;
  • So I binged on McDonalds for dinner while reading the 12 page victim statement of a woman who was sexually assaulted  on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto (really well written, and I think everyone should read it – man or woman); and
  • I left my favourite beanie behind in McDonalds and it wasn’t there when I went back for it a whopping 5 minutes later.

Not a good evening.  And I’ve already used today’s bullet points on bad stuff.  Pity.


Up and Up; Day 3

It’s Friday!!  Fridays are probably my favourite day of the week – I get to go to work and be productive, but come 5pm there are no rules.  Friday nights are full of hope and possibility – you have the whole weekend in front of you!

With that burst of enthusiasm in mind, I present to you 3 awesome things about my day:

  1.  Casual Friday at work – I got to rock my jeans and comfy cardigan.  Sure, we get casual Friday every Friday but that doesn’t make it any less great.  I don’t wear a uniform the other 4 days of my work week, but there’s something about wearing jeans on Friday that makes me smile.
  2.  I had an awesome creative solution to a very personal problem today.  I don’t want to go into detail about it yet (I will, in time!) but it feels like a win-win-win solution to a pretty stink situation and doesn’t involve any charity.  Dignity in tact!
  3. We just ordered pizza!  Because it’s Friday, and pizza is pizza.


The End.