Jumping in the Deep End!

Look what I got second hand over the weekend!


Ashford Traditional, single drive.  I think.  The person I purchased it from didn’t know much about it, so I’ll have to make a few assumptions until I know for sure (from my limited knowledge, I can’t think of what else it could be).

I have no idea how to use it, or if I even have all the equipment I need.  But that’s what the internet is for, isn’t it?

I’ve ordered some basic, white fleece and I’ll be making the most of YouTube and the Ravelry forums.

I’ll post here once I’ve had a go – as disastrous as the first few attempts will likely be.  That’s what learning is all about after all.  I haven’t been this kind of beginner with knitting for years, so I’m excited to feel completely lost again.  Weird, I know, but there’s only one way to go; improvement!