Hump Day; Day 8

It’s Wednesday.  Hump Day.  But that doesn’t mean I let it go to waste!

My three things are easy today;

  1. I rocked a quick workout at the gym after work.  It was the first time I’ve been in a wee while so I didn’t go too hard, but the endorphins are pumping regardless!
  2. Lunch out with a friend today, catching up on gossip and talking about our feelings.  Cathartic and tasty.  The only way it could’ve been a better use of a lunch hour is if it were sunny and we were on the waterfront soaking up the rays (we weren’t.  We’re facing thunderstorms and power cuts here at the moment…)
  3. I’ve settled on the couch now with a glass of red wine, the latest episode of Outlander and the beginning of a cardigan for another friend’s son.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.


The cardigan I am making is the Professor Sweater by Rae Blackledge.  I’m knitting it in a real wools wool.  It still smells like the sheep.   The body is going to be a natural, undyed oatmeal colour, with stripes of a dark green.   Complete with the cute arm patches.

It screams out for a little red bowtie accessory… so cute!


Feeling Loved; Day 7

It started off really, really sucky, but the day really turned around and I ended up really enjoying myself.  This morning at 4.30am we waved goodbye to The Boyfriend as he went off through the international departures gate.  Destination; Rome.  Eventually… London.  For two years.  Two years.

That’s literally the other side of the planet.  12 hour time difference.  Northern hemisphere to my southern hemisphere.

And it sucks.

But all is not lost, and wallowing does not help!  So, I have 3 awesome, positive things to focus on instead;

  1. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the friends I do have are amazing, loving, totally-there-for-me people.  Quality over quantity, people!  I love them dearly.
  2. Phone calls with my mum, over a glass of wine, on a cold rainy evening.  Comforting and good for the soul.
  3. Dyeing yarn makes me smile.  Tonight I dyed some yarn in greens and browns for a handsome young man’s woollen sweater (and cast on for his little brother’s cardigan while the yarn dries!).

(For those wondering what happened to Day 6, I briefly mentioned in my last post that I wouldn’t be posting.  It was my last day with The Boyfriend, so he got all my attention.  You know, priorities)

Sunday Funday; Day 5

Sundays are for relaxing, not for chores or work.  So that’s what I did.  Fun stuff.

Today’s 3 warm fuzzies;

  1. Went to the movies with the Tall One.  We saw Where to Invade Next, and it was a pretty typical Mike Moore movie.  The lollies I ate through the film added to the endorphin buzz
  2. I finished a shawl design – my first triangular shawl.   A bright pink, one skein wonder.  I just have to write it up and get a couple of testers… progress!
  3. I downloaded the latest copy of KnitScene and read it in bed – from start to finish – before I got up for the day.  A great way to spend the start of a Sunday morning (though now there are a while bunch of patterns that I want to knit…)

I won’t be posting tomorrow – it’s going to be a big and busy day.   But that’s okay, because it’s about keeping the general habit and not about creating work.  Keeping it positive!

Smells Delicious; Day 4

Today’s 3 things are easy;

  1. My bathroom is squeaky clean and shiny to boot.  While the cleaning wasn’t exactly a highlight… there’s something about a job well done that feels really good.


  2. I baked bread today.  And it makes my apartment smell amazing.  The kind of amazing that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head and your jaw jut out as you say it. It was delicious, too.  So tasty.
  3. I released my sock pattern on Ravelry; the Fidget Socks – and it’s a free pattern.  If you’re interested, you can download it here.



All round, it was a really, really productive day.

Up and Up; Day 3

It’s Friday!!  Fridays are probably my favourite day of the week – I get to go to work and be productive, but come 5pm there are no rules.  Friday nights are full of hope and possibility – you have the whole weekend in front of you!

With that burst of enthusiasm in mind, I present to you 3 awesome things about my day:

  1.  Casual Friday at work – I got to rock my jeans and comfy cardigan.  Sure, we get casual Friday every Friday but that doesn’t make it any less great.  I don’t wear a uniform the other 4 days of my work week, but there’s something about wearing jeans on Friday that makes me smile.
  2.  I had an awesome creative solution to a very personal problem today.  I don’t want to go into detail about it yet (I will, in time!) but it feels like a win-win-win solution to a pretty stink situation and doesn’t involve any charity.  Dignity in tact!
  3. We just ordered pizza!  Because it’s Friday, and pizza is pizza.


The End.

Looking on the Bright Side of Life; Day 2

Day 2 of my actively positive mindset has gone well.  It’s been a good day.  A really good day.

Todays 3 things I’m truly thankful for, and made me smile:

  1. I made a paneer saagwala from scratch and it was delicious.  This was my first time making the recipe, and it came out wonderfully.  I’m especially looking forward to the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  2. I felt like my problem-solving skills were on fire at work today.  Several people came to me with issues and I helped solve them – even those that were outside my role.  The idea of being a ‘trusted advisor’ is really starting to make sense.
  3. A particularly tall individual spoiled me with an ice cream for desert.  Awesome gift from an awesome person.  It’s the little things!

Short and sweet.  So, with that, I leave you with a song:

Knitting is Killing Me

Or, more accurately, my obsessive knitting has contributed to my current health woes.  But that’s not a snappy title, is it?


If you’d asked me a month ago, I would’ve told you that knitting saved me – it’s helped with managing my anxiety, it helps me wind down at the end of a work day, and it keeps my brain healthy by nurturing my creative side.  I would’ve sung it from the roof tops!  And it’s still true, to an extent.

The problem with knitting is that it’s a ‘bum spreader’.  You know, an activity that has you sitting for a long period of time.  Kind of like all my other hobbies.  And my job.  So; my life.

So why am I bringing this up now?

Because I haven’t respected my body, and it’s telling me enough is enough.

I used to work hard to improve my fitness, and look after my body.  I was never an athlete.  I was never an exemplar of good health.  But I tried.  And, for some reason, I stopped.

So I’m starting back up again.  Consciously.  I’m making an effort.

I’m going to be a fitter knitter.