Where’s the Line?

Where do you draw the line when you’re sharing your life with the internet?  It feels like what’s accepted and expected in 2019 is different to when I blogged last.  I

It used to be; first name, city, maybe age. – basically “A/S/L?”.  Don’t use last names.  Don’t give specifics about your work.  And don’t name / share photos of your friends without their permission.  Nicknames were key.

Remember when nicknames and avatars were the *you* you presented on the internet?!
Thanks Facebook.

In a world of daily vlogs, reverse image search and the internet of things, I’m not sure the old rules apply.  I mean, some of them do.  You’re not getting my credit card details, by passport number or my home address.   That seems obvious.

Clearly, there’s the ‘good’, and the ‘bad’.  And between those two there’s varying degrees of ‘okay’.  You know, like ‘okay, cool’ through to ‘okay for you, but not for me’.

I’m still figuring out what my right-side-of-okay is.  Bear with me.