On My Needles: Lotsa WIPs

My name is Amy and I have startitis.  Honestly, I’m fine with that.  It’s not a real problem.

But, it means I have a lot of WIPs.

Curious?  You should be!


1. Hitofude swatched and ready to go.

I’m knitting this cardigan as part of the Tea House Knits Light KAL.  I’ve already knit a Starshower cowl (photos to come).

Hitofude is a lace cardigan knit in one piece.  Designed by Hiroko Fukatsu.  It’s very popular – 3,208 projects on Ravelry as I type this.  That’s… a lot.

So I’m joining in!  Knitting with Ice Yarns extrafine merino in a nice, classy grey.

It’s perfect timing, too.  We’ve just booked tickets to Japan in August, so hopefully I’ll have this cast off and ready to wear then! (Noting that August is the middle of summer and according to the internet the min temp that I can expect is as high as our max days here in Wellington.  Excellent).

I’ve already swatched (and blocked it…) and I’m comfortable that I’ve got gauge (Yay!).  That makes things easier.

Expect to see more on this one soon.


2. Rosebud Socks – for something a little bit fancy. 

Last night I cast on for Wendy D. Johnson’s Rosebud Socks.  I love the lace pattern (you can see a better shot of it here), but I was drawn to them initially for the name.

As a child, my great-Aunt nicknamed me ‘Rosebud’ for my English Rose complexion.  So, love the name.

I’m knitting these in Happy Go Knitty alpaca/merino/nylon (60%/20%/20%) on 2.00mm needles (US 0).

First time I’m knitting on 2.00mm needles – I usually knit on 2.25mm (US 1), but my gauge is getting looser.  So far, I’m really liking the fabric.

Toe up (as the photo suggests…) and one at a time.  Not too sure what heel I’ll use yet.  The pattern uses a gusset and heel flap, but I think I’ll opt for the fish lips kiss heel – I tried this the other day with some vanilla cashmere gradient socks and it fits really well.

No deadline for these babies, but they’ll be finished eventually.


3.  Jumping on the Sockhead bandwagon.

Have you heard of the Sockhead hat pattern?  It’s been knit a couple of times.  Only 7,014 and counting.  Yowzer!

If you can knit and purl, and have a skein of fingering weight yarn, you can knit this.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity – an excellent way to showcase your special skein of luxury yarn.

I’m knitting in a mystery yarn.  I got it in a swap, and it came without a tag.  The colours are gorgeous (I’m a sucker for green), and as I’m knitting I’m trying to figure out what the fibre is.  At the moment, I think it’s a merino silk blend… but how will I know for sure?

This has been on the needles for a while now and is serving as my end-of-the-day mindless knitting – for those times when following a pattern is the absolute last thing I feel like doing.  So, no deadline on this one either.

4. Basic cowl to show off colourful yarn

This is a woven stitch cowl I cast on to experiment with a yarn I bought just because.  MadelineTosh Tosh DK in the ‘Mandala’ colourway.

These colours are brilliant.  Seriously.  Look at the colours in that ball.


Sadly, they are not colours I would ever wear myself.  They’d take my English Rose complexion and make me look a little too undead for my liking.

But thankfully, I have plenty of blue-eyed lovelies in my family who would look wonderful in these colours.  No one specific in mind yet, but this will make a good gift later in the year.

That’s what’s on my needles – what’s on yours?


On My Needles: Drachenfels

I’ve got a couple of projects on the needles at the moment, and this is the one I’m working on tonight.

Work to date - Drachenfels - 26 March 2015

This is the Drachenfels shawl by Melanie Berg – a colourful garter stitch shawl with just enough pattern to keep your interest as you knit (and wear it!).

IMG_7744This has been on my needles for almost two weeks and I haven’t made much progress – I’m still in the early stages of the pattern.  I’ve been distracted by plenty of other stuff (more on those later).

I’m really enjoying the simplicity of the project.  Working with two colours at the moment… but there’s a third colour for the second half of the shawl.

When I saw the pattern, I knew I wanted to make something with a POP of colour.  So; grey, blue and orange!

IMG_7767All three yarns are Tria Fata Fibre Arts’ Super MN Sock in Firey Coralis (orange), Sapphire Sea (blue) and Silver Fern (silver) colourways.  I can’t get over how bright the orange is.  The camera really struggled to capture the true clean, crisp brightness of it.

These yarns were just part of the stash I fell in love with at the Unwind Fibrecraft Retreat in Dunedin (NZ) at the start of March.  I also picked up a bright pink of the same yarn – of equally bright deliciousness (if you’re curious, you can check it out in my Ravelry stash here).

Still plenty of knitting left to do – I’m hoping to work a whole chunk more this weekend, but I want to savour it to.  Knit for the joy of the knitting, not just to get the finished object (though I love that part, too!).

So, tell me, what do you want to know about the projects I’m working on?  Would you appreciate more of the technical side, or are you quite happy with pictures and ramblings on my happy feelings?

And, perhaps more importantly, what’s on your needles?