Finished Object: Drachenfels Shawl

It’s off the needles!  My Drachenfels is finally off the needles!

IMG_7847This turned into one of those projects that I just had to finish.  It took a while to get into the swing of things (I was probably over half way – in the middle of the stripes – before I found my garter stitch groove).  And the novelty wore off pretty quickly after that.

Drachenfels is a paid pattern, so I won’t go into details of the construction, but the shawl grows so that each row is longer (i.e. has more stitches) than the last.  Soooo… the last few rows are quite, erm, long. 

Towards the end it became a chore, but the final items was so worth it.  I’ve worn it a few times already and it only came off the needles on Wednesday.  This is going to get a lot of use.

Sadly, the wool is not super soft, so it can get a little scratchy on the back of my neck.  But I’m hopeful that it’ll get softer with a good soak.

I haven’t blocked it yet, I’m not sure I have space.  Or if I really need to.  The stitches are uneven, the fabric is a bit wobbly, but I’m going to be wearing this as a big, giant scarf.  So none of that stuff matters.


The sheer size of this thing is hard to describe in words and still do it justice.

Excuse the the terrible photo quality, but I had to drape the shawl over the back of my door to get a shot that really demonstrated the length of this thing.













I think my favourite part of the whole shawl was the bind off.  The pattern called for an i-cord bind-off – something I had never tried to do before.

The final look is really cool.  I think this is my new favourite cast off method and I’m definitely keen to try it on some more projects.  Just, preferably, not ones that will take and hour to get across the final row…



On My Needles: Drachenfels

I’ve got a couple of projects on the needles at the moment, and this is the one I’m working on tonight.

Work to date - Drachenfels - 26 March 2015

This is the Drachenfels shawl by Melanie Berg – a colourful garter stitch shawl with just enough pattern to keep your interest as you knit (and wear it!).

IMG_7744This has been on my needles for almost two weeks and I haven’t made much progress – I’m still in the early stages of the pattern.  I’ve been distracted by plenty of other stuff (more on those later).

I’m really enjoying the simplicity of the project.  Working with two colours at the moment… but there’s a third colour for the second half of the shawl.

When I saw the pattern, I knew I wanted to make something with a POP of colour.  So; grey, blue and orange!

IMG_7767All three yarns are Tria Fata Fibre Arts’ Super MN Sock in Firey Coralis (orange), Sapphire Sea (blue) and Silver Fern (silver) colourways.  I can’t get over how bright the orange is.  The camera really struggled to capture the true clean, crisp brightness of it.

These yarns were just part of the stash I fell in love with at the Unwind Fibrecraft Retreat in Dunedin (NZ) at the start of March.  I also picked up a bright pink of the same yarn – of equally bright deliciousness (if you’re curious, you can check it out in my Ravelry stash here).

Still plenty of knitting left to do – I’m hoping to work a whole chunk more this weekend, but I want to savour it to.  Knit for the joy of the knitting, not just to get the finished object (though I love that part, too!).

So, tell me, what do you want to know about the projects I’m working on?  Would you appreciate more of the technical side, or are you quite happy with pictures and ramblings on my happy feelings?

And, perhaps more importantly, what’s on your needles?